Thinking of getting an attic/loft ladder installed or need a bigger hatch so you can easily access your loft to store, for example, those extra large suitcases. An attic ladder makes every trip up to and down from your attic easier, faster and most importantly safer.

Installing a dedicated attic ladder is the smarter way to make storage space in your attic convenient and accessible with no hassle. The ladders are quick, straightforward and easy to operate by the homeowner. They are…

Loft Ladders

Accessing the loft means you then have the opportunity to make use of all that potential storage space or potential office space, instead of just letting it go to waste.

We fit raised flooring - which enables you to retain the U Value of your 300mm insulation for heat conservation. If required we can also install additional insulation where needed, and pipe lagging etc. We also offer the choice of raised shelving along both sides of your loft, for that extra storage and also keeps…

Loft Flooring & Shelving

We can provide a service to upgrade your loft insulation to 300mm Depth which coincides with Building Regulations.

Also with new builds we supply & fit 300/400mm Depth Insulation.

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